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About Us

From now on we will spend a significant part of our lives in the Metaverse. Are we able to successfully navigate the intersection of the physical, digital and virtual worlds, without knowing the criteria underlying their design? Is it hard to completely grasp in advance their implications on our human condition?

We firmly believe that the ethical and societal challenges arising from technological disruption are important enough for us to become ACTIVE AGENTS or CO-DESIGNERS, thus the METAVERSE FOR GOOD initiative was born. A dynamic and evolving project whose purpose is to enhance the interaction between technology and social experience.

Hence, the need for the seamless transition to become a conscious transition, through an unavoidable multidisciplinary dialogue that brings us closer to better understanding the psychological and behavioral effects of the ubiquitous use of technology. This will allow us to optimize the human-technology relationship to our benefit.

The Metaverse offers us a unique opportunity to redesign our experiences for an ethical phygital life. We are developing the future, creating change by amplifying shared intelligence in this persistent and immersive simulated world. We should never underestimate the power that Metaverse platforms could wield over society: “With great power comes great responsibility”.

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A. Patricia Llaque G.

A. Patricia Llaque G.

Chief Metaverse Officer & Founder

Information and Communication Technologies Professional. Master in Clinical Neuropsychology. Master in Cognitive Sciences. Postgraduate in Biotechnology applied to Health.

Pedro Enríquez de Salamanca (Furby)

Pedro Enríquez de Salamanca (Furby)

Metaverse Design and Creativity Advisor

Innovation and design professional who focuses on technology, strategy, humanities, futures, cultural research or brand impact always with the help and good use of cutting-edge creativity.

Experience and knowledge sharing with leading organizations: